Saturday, September 19, 2009

SHARP Netwalker PC-Z1 (fstab)

As I checked /etc/fstab of SHARP Netwalker PC-Z1 at store, it is empty from normal console. F11 works nicely to expand console full screen.

/etc/mtab has indication that root is mounted on some special location. Hmmm... it seems something like unionfs/aufs and/or chroot combination.

ssh-client is installed but mc is not there.

My feeling is unless funky SELinux is used, it should be very strait forward to access real root.

Local store did not want to discount more than 1000 JPY from JPY 45,000, but it costs about 40,000 JPY (5,000 JPY discount) in some shops.

I think folowings are what I need.
  • PC-Z1 -- Should be less than JPY 40,000
  • 4GB micro-SD card (for system back up) should be less than JPY 1,000
  • 16GB micro-SD card (for system expansion) should be less than JPY 5,000
JPY 46,000 ... about USD 420.00 not bad.

I see no reason why microSDHC can not be mounted without noexec option. I am going to put it on /usr/local or /mnt/extra :-)

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