Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sharp Netwalker PC Z1 (optical mouse)

I had hard time using optical mouse after some time on store. It almost looked mouse driver was going crazy. It happened several time and demo machine was in such condition at several location.

After reading official site, it turned out it was their UI issue.

On the left side of optical mouse, there are 3 pressure sensitive film buttons. From left to right, "Home", "Globe", "Envelope", and "Star". The problem was this "Star" was not application start key.

It was sticky mouse mode switch to change from normal mouse move mode to scroll wheel mode.

It is sold JPY 48000 with rebate around JPY 5000 at Shinbashi.

I see Logitec USB hub/Ethernet combo is good gadget to go with this.

For now, I will learn QEMU to make virtual armel environment on my Mac.

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